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We offer a range of advertising opportunities at both our exhibitions and within our magazines. Please see the content below, or alternatively contact us for more information.

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Penetrating Japan's Photonics Market Through Optronics Magazine.


OPTRONICS understands the Japanese photonics market better than anyone else! 
As Japan's No.1 photonics journal printed in the Japanese language, OPTRONICS has a circulation of more than 12,000 (plus a significant pass-along audience). Optronics is the best qualified publication to target the Japanese market because it reaches the most influential Japanese buyers, including design engineers, R&D supervisors, purchasing and planning personnel, and operations and management personnel. These important people are continuously seeking information relating to photonics applications and technology and new photonics products from around the world to apply in their businesses. 
To reach these potential customers and to complement your worldwide marketing campaign with Photonics Spectra, advertising in Optronics will reach the most effective targeted photonics buyers in Japan. Since 1990 we have been affiliated with Photonics Spectra, one of the world most influential photonics journals published in U.S.A.


Editorial Coverage


Optronics magazine was first published in 1981 by Optronics Co., Ltd. to fill a need created by the considerable growth of photonics technology in Japan. Professionals needed up-to-date, high quality information on applications, technological developments, and news on the field written in Japanese. Optronics continues to meet that need by providing monthly editorial content covering the latest information, including: 

Lasers and Light Sources 
Arc Sources, Biotechnology, CO2Lasers, Diode Lasers, Diode-Pumped Lasers, Dye Lasers, Excimer Lasers, Fiber Lasers, Flashlamps, Nd:YAG Lasers, HeNe Lasers, Holography, Ion Lasers, LEDs, Materials Processing, Spectroscopy, Ti:Sapphire Lasers, Tunable Lasers, VCSELs, Environmental Monitoring, etc. 

Fiber Optics 
Connectors/Couplers, Fiber Optic Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Fibers, Networks Components, Optical Amplifers, Optical Circuits, Optical Switches, Optical Transmitter/Receivers/Detectors, etc. 

Coating Filters, Filters & Beamsplitters, Gratings, Infrared Optics, Lenses, Mirrors and Reflectors, Polarizing Optics, Prisms, Solar Cells, Ultraviolet Optics, etc. 

Adhesives, Cements, Coating Materials, Crystals, Dyes, Epoxies, Fiber Optic Materials Glass, Infrared Materials, Ultraviolet Materials, etc. 

Imaging, Cameras and displays 
CCDs, CMOS, Flat Panel Displays, High-Speed Cameras, Infrared Cameras, Laser Displays, LCDs, LEDs, Organic EL Displays, Plasma Displays, Scanners, etc. 

Information and Communications Equipment 
Image Input Equipment, LED Printers, Laser Printers, LC Printers, Optical Transmission Equipment, Optical Memory, etc. 

Measurement Applying Optoelectronics 
Measurement Equipment Using Lasers, Fiber Optic Sensors, etc. 

Application Systems 
Optical Telecommunications, CATV, Measurement & Control Systems, Video Systems, Information Systems, Analog Links, LANs, Medical Laser Systems, Industrial Laser Systems, Bar-Code Systems, WDM Transmission Systems, FTTH Networks, etc. 

Supporting Equipment for the Photonics Industry 
Cleanroom Equipment, Coating Equipment, Laser Safety Equipment, Other Manufacturing Equipment, Polishing Equipment, Positioning Equipment, Power Supplies, Test & Measurement Equipment, Vacuum Equipment, Vibration, Isolators, etc. 


Profile of Readers

Optronics Magazine features a paid special distribution of more than 12,000 monthly. The reader profile is summarized as follows.

Business and Industry

Communications Devices/Systems 15%
Optical Components 13%
Test Measurement/Control Systems 12%
Optical Devices/Systems 12%
Precision Machinery 7%
Public & Governmental Reseach Establishment 7%
Optical Materials 7%
Electric Devices/Systems 5%
Electric Components 4%
Optical Applied Products 4%
Machinery & Construction 3%
Chemicals, Textiles, Pulp & Papers< 2%
Iron & Steel/Nonmetals 2%
Automotive, Transportation Equipment & Parts 2%
Computer Devices/Systems 2%
Distributors 1%
Design Consultants 1%
Overseas & Others 1%

Job Function

Research & Development 45%
Design Engineering 19%
Manufacturing/Production 13%
Procurement/Purchasing 8%
Sales & Marketing 7%
Corporate Management 4%
Others 2%
Service Engineering 1%
Investigation & Planning 1%

Age of Readers

24 & younger 3%
25 - 29 26%
30 - 34 27%
35 - 39 19%
40 - 44 14%
45 - 49 3%
50 & older 8%

Company Size

Under 50 13%
50 - 101 11%
101 - 200 14%
201 - 500 7%
501 - 1000 12%
Over 1001 43%

Advertising Rates (In Japanese Yen)
Rate per insertion based on series discount offer during 12 months periods.

  1x 6x 12x
Full Page
B&W  129,600 118,800 108,000
2-Color * 162,000 151,200 140,400
4-Color 280,800 264,600 248,400
1/2 Page
B&W 75,600 70,200 64,800
2 Page Spread
B&W 248,400 226,800 205,200
2-Color * 313,200 291,600 270,000
4-Color 540,000 513,000 486,000


Closing Dates and Mechanical Requirements


Optronics is published monthly. Insertion orders and advertisement steups or changes are due the 25th of the second month preceding the month of issue. Finished materials (digital ads) are due the first of the month preceding the month of issue. Advertising cannot be canceled after the closing date for insertion orders. Translation of your ad copy into Japanese is available. Please contact us for detail, at below mentioned. 
Publication trim size is 8 1/4" (21cm) x 11" (28cm). Printing is web offset with perfect binding. Note that essential material must be at least 3/8" in from the side of the maximum width dimension.